Brochure Websites

Tell the world about your organisations services, aims and team, then motivate them to get in touch or engage with your mission!


SwankyApple have developed numerous brochure sites for clients as diverse as a startup Canadian condiments business, the US Army’s european community site network, and our local YMCA. Suffice to say: we know what makes a great brochure site. A SwankyApple made Brochure site provides rapid, easy access to relevant info for potential clients, impresses with compelling, relevant design and is easy to maintain and grow.

Our Brochure Site Services

We provide end-to-end brochure website development. Our services cover everything from an initial consultation to assess the suitability of WordPress or Concrete 5 design for your goals through to ongoing pay per click and search marketing once your site is finished and serving visitors. Here are the headlines for each of those stages:

Briefs & Consultations

We’ll start with a consultation to assess the suitability of WordPress or Concrete 5 for your needs. You can contact us about that right now.

Designs & Specifications

We design the looks of your site by working from an existing theme or creating a design just for you, then we refine with your feedback.


We turn the finished design or customise an existing theme into a WordPress or Concrete 5 site to create a fast, responsive experience.

Going Live

Now we help you add content, optimise for search, setup domain names, email and more. Everything you need to get the site online.


Be it Adwords, Facebook ads or SEO, we’ll help you get your site found by the people you want to connect with. Learn more.


Your new site has masses of potential. We’ll help you consistently invest in new features and content from the day it’s completed.

“A quality, compelling brochure site is a critical part of the puzzle. Any forward-looking organisation must connect with their target audiences on the web. SwankyApple will help you do it brilliantly.” – Dan McIvor, SwankyApple Director

Contact us for an informal chat about your needs and how we might be able to help.

We’ve been building Brochure sites for organisations of all shapes and sizes for almost four years now. You can take a look at a representative range of these in our portfolio.

WordPress and Concrete 5 Portfolio

Want to find out more before chatting? Here are some slightly more techie details about WordPress and Concrete 5 including details of how and why we use them to achieve your goals…

wordpress_logoWordPress is a highly adaptable, easy to use platform which is very popular amongst enterprises of all sizes. Originally created as a blog publishing application in 2003 it has now become the web’s most popular Content Management System (CMS) powering over 12% of the internet’s top one million websites. A highly customisable code base and the ability for organisations to easily manage content without developer interference makes a WordPress website both cost-effective, responsive, and highly functional. WordPress can easily be applied to complex solutions as well as more basic promotional websites.

Using an industry-leading open source framework eliminates the ‘lock-in’ caused by developers building your brochure site around their own custom content management systems. Being stuck with a system which only one team can support can lead to spiralling costs, pressure sales and poor customer service. We don’t need that – you don’t need that.

Here’s what you can expect from a SwankyApple WordPress website:

  • Highly adaptable, feature rich and great looking
  • Easy self-management and familiar user interface
  • Ability to add new pages, links, images, video and written content at will
  • Ease of integrating new features to the existing site
  • No unfair ‘lock-in’ to a proprietary CMS forcing you to use us even if our prices go up or service sucks.

concrete5-logoConcrete 5 is an open source CMS (content management system) build from scratch to offer simple, intuitive site management for end users but also the flexibility for us (your developer) to create just about any website type. It’s a little more complex and time-intensive to build on than WordPress, but offers a more robust solution for large or complex websites or sites with unusual feature sets.

We’ll set up your Concrete 5 so that you can navigate to any page in your site, and an editing toolbar gives you all the controls you need to update the content on that page. No intimidating manuals, no complicated administration interfaces – just point and click. This makes it great for medium or large organisations who have specific, complex technical needs and require frequent, large content updates, but limited human resources to manage the site.

Here’s what you can expect from a SwankyApple Concrete 5 website:

  • Extremely easy to manage, but powerful and adaptable
  • Grows and evolves with your organisation
  • Fast, secure and stable for users and staff
  • Any design or technical requirement you can dream up
  • No unfair ‘lock-in’ to a proprietary CMS forcing you to use us even if our prices go up or service sucks

Ready to use WordPress or Concrete 5 for your site or not sure if they fit your needs? Contact us for an informal chat.