Charity Sites & Campaigns

We’re always excited to work with effective, worthwhile Charities and NGO’s of any shape or size. We make a point of developing a deep understanding and appreciation for the work our clients do, and their future goals, before launching into any new website or campaign service.


SwankyApple are proud to be a provider of web design, development, and print design for several high-profile charities. We have hands-on experience with the creation and management of digital campaigns for leading organisations including the YMCA, Animal Aid, Trussel Trust Foodbanks and St Petrocks here in Exeter. Our services in this area range from daily website maintenance and support through to complete consultation, design and builds of campaign solutions and print collateral.


Our Services

We provide end to end design and development on the platform which best suits your charity or campaign needs. Our services cover everything from initial consultation through to ongoing search marketing and site maintenance, support and refinement. Here are those stages in detail:

Briefs & Consultations

We’ll get started by reviewing your project brief. You can contact us about that right now. Then we’ll suggest various routes to success.

Designs & Specifications

We create your site design and feel just for you, tailored to help achieve your goals. We then refine and polish with your feedback.


We turn the finished design or customise an existing theme into a WordPress or Concrete 5 site to create a fast, responsive experience.

Going Live

Timing can be critical when launching a campaign. We go the extra mile to ensure your site or campaign is ready to perform on time, fist time.


Be it Adwords, Facebook ads or SEO, we’ll help you get your site found by the people you want to connect with. Learn more.


Your new site has masses of potential. We’ll help you consistently invest in new features and content from the day it’s completed.


Why Us?

We’ve got years of practical experience creating charity sites for leading organisations. But don’t just take our word for it: You can view our full charity portfolio here.

Our clients love what we do and are happy to recommend us, just take a look at a few of the testimonials to the right – or you can also visit our spotless record of client satisfaction maintained on

Our clean, bold designs are great for charity sites because the elements used are proven to illicit responses. The bold nature of our design work makes for striking, memorable sites that visitors love to return to over and over again.

We can handle almost any need. Because we’re a team – rather than just one knackered freelancer – we can provide excellence in all areas of production: Design, development and tech. This also means…

We don’t need to funnel you toward a particular design, feature set or organisational process because we lack skill or experience in a particular area.


Our Charity sites & Campaigns Portfolio

Want to see more? For our full list of portfolio items click here.

Contact us for an informal chat about your needs and how we might be able to help.