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social-mediaAt the heart of online success are two key principles: being found and being heard.

If people cannot find your website quickly and easily – through search engine results, social media and recommendations – then your organisation will struggle to grow.

If people cannot hear your key messages then they are unlikely to be persuaded that your products, services and causes are relevant to them. It doesn’t matter how much website traffic you receive if you don’t convert visitors into customers, clients and stakeholders.

We know that this is a huge challenge facing online businesses. Many of our clients understand the importance of marketing their business online but don’t have the time or resources to make it happen.

That’s why we developed SwankyApple SEO and Social Marketing services. We help our clients to grow their business online through better SEO results, increased engagement and effective analysis & reporting systems.


£ 245

Per Month OR Quarter
  • 5% – 10% Growth/pcm*
  • 6 blog posts
  • 1 DA 20+ backlink
  • Progress report
  • Competitor Analysis
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ProfessionalMost Popular

£ 545

Per Month OR Quarter
  • 10% – 20% Growth/pcm*
  • 12 blog posts
  • 2 DA 30+ backlinks
  • Progress report
  • Competitor Analysis
  • 2 Press Releases
  • 20 Twitter posts
  • 12 Facebook posts
  • 12 Google+ posts
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£ 845

Per Month OR Quarter
  • 20%+ Growth/pcm*
  • 18 blog posts
  • 3 DA 30+ backlinks
  • Progress report
  • Competitor Analysis
  • 4 Press Releases
  • 40 Twitter posts
  • 20 Facebook posts
  • 20 Google+ posts
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Our Search Marketing Strategy

  1. We launch every campaign by producing a comprehensive report which explores the strengths and weaknesses of your existing web presence. We document achievable goals and prescribe a service package to meet them.
  2. Next, we build a data-led content strategy which is formulated to target your specific keywords and engage your target audience demographic.
  3. Now we get to work creating rich and engaging content that both human readers and search engines will love – bolstering your social media impact and improving search rankings.
  4. Creative, innovative link-building campaigns ensure that your content is linked to by relevant and authoritative websites to drive traffic, increase domain authority and deliver higher search engine rankings.
  5. At the end of each prescribed period we produce a comprehensive, data-led and absolutely transparent report detailing our work and documenting gains achieved and setbacks observed over the period.
  6. Finally, we refine our strategy based on measured impacts and then repeat the process.

How we deliver SEO & Social Marketing Results

An SEO audit of your website helps us to identify areas that need to be improved. We refine on-site optimisation, focussing on several key ranking factors to maximise the SEO potential of your site.
We develop a bespoke content strategy for your business, focussing on customer engagement and identifying the most suitable channels to help you reach new users and improve SEO results.
Our team of university and graduate copywriters provide regular content for your blog, focussing on the areas and themes that you have requested. Every post is carefully optimised to guarantee maximum impact.
We produce regular social media updates to help you continue engaging with your audience throughout the week. This will include links through to your blog content and relevant industry articles.
Our team are available to help you write press releases, white papers and marketing literature. This is synchronised with your website and various social media channels.
Monthly reporting and analysis provides clear insight into how well the strategy is performing. This data informs everything that we do and helps us to focus on continued improvement.

Our UK-Leading Copywriters

We have compiled one of the most talented, diverse and qualified teams of copywriters in the UK. We take great pride in the quality of our copywriting services and work hard to ensure that our clients receive consistent and outstanding content.
A pair of hands at a laptop, working on search engine optimisation articlesHow do we do this?

  • All of our copywriters are either graduates or are studying at a top-10 UK University
  • We identify areas of primary and secondary expertise for each copywriter. This ensures that we identify the most suitable copywriter for you and your business
  • Exceptional training, briefing and quality control systems are employed to maintain and improve quality over time

White-Hat, Ethical SEO and Social Marketing Services

An important feature of our SEO and search marketing services is that we are only interested in producing relevant, high-quality content. We do not engage in spam or other ‘black hat’ tactics.

Why do we avoid black hat SEO tactics?

– These are high-risk, unethical tactics that will be penalised by Google
– Black hat tactics have limited value and effectiveness; they are a short-term measure designed to deliver quick results
– Spam links and underhand tactics will have negative implications for your business; effective SEO is about reaching the right people at the right time in the right place, not spam.

Why are we committed to white hat SEO tactics?

+ We believe in achieving long-term results that generate recognition from Google for our clients
+ Instead of trying to manipulate or ‘game’ search engines we focus on quality and user engagement through delivering highly-relevant link-building strategies
+ Emphasis on creating a positive and compelling brand image that resonates with customers and other leaders in your industry

*We measure campaign success by average growth in your unique visitor count over each quarter. Ranking of keywords (used by most agencies) can be important in growth, but are rarely the end goal. Recognising the true purpose of search optimisation (to increase visitor numbers) frees us to focus on the strategies which do just that, rather than chasing sometimes arbitrary or unhelpful keyword goals. The growth percentages advertised are guidance figures – your actual experience will almost certainly vary.

Our Clients

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