SwankyApple sponsored the Shopify Retail Tour: Bristol

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Dan chatting to Matt from Brightpearl at the Shopify Retail Tour

The Shopify Retail Tour is an event which Shopify has been running in various cities across the US for a while now, and last week it launched in the UK. We naturally had to be a part of the action and signed up to support the tour as a sponsor.

We had a fantastic time at the tour and have written up a guest post over at ecommercervw.com with pictures and highlights from the day and evening sessions.

The London event is due next week (full dates on the ecommercervw.com blog) so if you’re in the area and run or are thinking of running an ecommerce business then you should absolutely sign-up.

About Dan McIvor

Dan is co-founder and director of SwankyApple.

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