Web & Mobile Apps

We love downloading and spending time on amazing apps, and we get a big kick out of building apps that others will love too. SwankyApple provides mobile and browser based app development for all kinds of needs and environments – from a silly dictionary which lists funny alternative definitions for almost every word in the english language (and lets users favourite, rate and submit new definitions), to the next big thing in social music sharing on iPhone. Whatever you application need, we can probably help.


Our App Services

We provide end to end mobile and browser app development. Our services cover everything from an initial consultation to assess the suitability of certain platforms for your app idea, through to ongoing promotion, maintenance and enhancements once everything is finished. Here are all those stages in detail:

Briefs & Consultations

We’re always happy to take a look at briefs and provide free consultation to assess your needs. You can contact us about that right now, if you’d like. If our skill-set is not right for your project we’ll connect you with others who are.

Designs & Specifications

We get to work designing the looks of your app and documenting the features. In this stage we provide multiple concepts and refine and polish until everyone is absolutely satisfied with the proposed app.


Once we’ve created a cool design on paper we need to turn it into a coded app. If you already have a design we can start at this stage. We can create responsive width, mobile and standard apps as required.

Going Live

So you’ve got an amazing app but need to get it online and downloaded? Here’s where we help you get it on the app store, connected with chrome and so on. Everything you need to get it in front of excited users!


Be it Adwords, Facebook ads or search optimisation we’ll help you get your app found by the people who want to buy it. If you’ve already got a sales strategy we’ll be pleased to provide hands-and-feet for that too.


Your new app is a baby; It’s amazing and beautiful and, crucially, has masses of potential. If you consistently invest in new features and content from the day it’s completed you’ll enjoy years of benefits.


Why Us?

We have a great team, skilled in a range of relevant platforms and technologies. Our app design and development methodology results in fast, efficient and high quality app development.

Our clients love what we do and are happy to recommend us, just take a look at a few of the testimonials to the right – or you can also visit our spotless record of client satisfaction maintained on Shopify.com.

We can handle almost any need. Because we’re a team – rather than just one knackered freelancer – we can provide excellence in all areas of production: Design, development and tech. This also means…

We don’t need to funnel you toward a particular design, feature set or business process because we lack skill or experience in a particular area. In fact we much prefer to keep it custom so your app perfectly matches your needs.


Our Portfolio

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